Objective, Accurate and Verifiable Alpha Research

Niche Financial market Research


Alpha research resulting from objective and rules based mathematics provides a unique competitive edge for every institutional or individual investor. Transparency and the ability to verify research over time are innovative elements in financial market research.

Alpha research by Laomedeia Ltd is fully compliant with MiFID II regulations.


Laomedeia Alpha Research provides detailed multi-level insight in Risk and Reward, enabling asset managers to significantly improve risk management. Consistency of vision over time is verifiable due to an inclusive audit trail of uniquely numbered price-targets which actually have been hit.

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Below you will find our publications on SeekingAlpha:

Mathematics and Markets- Outlook S&P500 index per January 3rd, 2019

Laomedeia observes a short term dominantly upward trend with a favorable Risk/Reward and a price target near 2665. We also observe sufficient further upward potential due to its only 20% progress within its price range and a potential gain of 8% compared to a limited potential loss of 2%. Medium and long term show dominantly downward trends with price targets far below actual value, which puts the short term dominantly upward trend of level 6 in the position of a short term recovery within a medium and long term downward trend
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