Mathematics And Markets - Outlook WTI Oil Per March 19th, 2018

Mathematics and Markets – Outlook WTI oil per March 19th, 2018



  • Although dominant directional price movement is UP for all distinct layers (favorable), current long term potential risk remains significant.
  • We observe significant remaining UPWARD potential for all distinct layers (favorable).
  • Although medium term potential gain is likely, the current risk/reward ratios are unfavorable for most distinct layers



“Applying Mathematics to Analyse Financial Markets – Part 1, Innovation” describes the development of a new market analysis method which is based on dynamic chaos theory mathematics. The innovative element relates to the exploitation of consistently recurring characteristics of complex polynomials on multiple distinct layers. Consistently recurring characteristics on multiple layers apparently bring order in a seemingly chaotic financial market environment.

“Applying Dynamic Chaos Theory to Analyse Financial Markets – Part 2, Good Investment Practice” elaborated on how to make good investment decisions. This publication describes how research resulting from dynamic chaos theory can help investors in making objective investment decisions and provides input to implement Good Investment Practices.


Outlook WTI oil – per March 19th, 2018

Laomedeia research evaluates the dominant directional price movement of all distinct layers prior to any investment decision being taken, because we know that conflicting dominant directional price movements amongst distinct layers negatively influence potential yield. Below table provides the actual status for WTI oil per March 19th, 2018.

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