Financial Market Analysis based on Physics and Mathematics


Alpha research by Laomedeia Ltd covers major stock market indices in USA, Europe and Asia.

Daily updated research and signals are available for the following indices:

  • S&P500
  • Russell2000
  • Nasdaq100
  • Dow30
  • EStoxx50
  • EStoxx600
  • FTSE100
  • DAX
  • AEX
  • CAC40



Mathematics & Markets – A Helicopter View of major stock market indices – April 10th, 2018

From a mathematical point of view it is important to realize what happens when a market increases by a certain percentage in value, compared to when a market decreases similar percentage in value. Let’s use the 10% increase as example.

Mathematics & Markets – A Helicopter View of major stock market indices – Mar 4th, 2018

Chaos theory mathematics - Abstract When Chaos Theory mathematics starts to work on multiple distinct layers, it yields two time dependent price values for each distinct layer. The time dependency of these price values is a direct consequence of the irregular shape of Julia-sets. One of these price values represents the price-target for an underlying asset. This price-target equals the value an underlying asset will assume in future. The other price value is the price-edge and represents the lowest or highest value the underlying asset may assume without jeopardizing the price-target. In other words, the value of the underlying asset should stay within the boundaries of both time dependent price values generated by the method. This applies to all distinct layers. (See Part 1, Innovation).

Mathematics & Markets – A Helicopter View of major stock market indices – Feb 18th, 2018

Research based on dynamic chaos theory mathematics provides accurate price-targets on multiple distinct layers and multi-layer insight in risk/reward & gain/loss. Financial market analysis based on chaos theory mathematics enables investors to improve risk management and make criteria based decisions. Chaos theory mathematics allows for objective comparison between stock market indices, thus providing a helicopter view of the risks and potential associated to major financial markets.
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